One word that is overly used in my opinion is “tribe.” I know the word and the meaning, but can we not use the word clan? Clan has a better fit and it sounds less beast-like for a human species. I was asked by someone the other day, “What tribe are you from?” My answer was that I am from no tribe, but of a Nation and from that nation, a clan. Even then, my answer didn’t answer enough to me. What about the families? What about the family relationships your family once had, what about your clan relationships? What about all these things we once had not too long ago? Just a few generations back. Why do we not know this important information? Our ancestors spent years laying out a foundation of life for us, but most of it’s gone, and for what? I’m not sure, I believe we should all look more into our family’s history and restrengthen family alliances and so on. Even if you just want to know more about your once proud family…
Kieran Yeltatzie
April 13, 2013

Tribe is too ambiguous a word these days. Too broad, but then more people are looking for that broader answer; it is easier, or more simple for them to understand. And those fallen to a deeper integration may view their native peoples as a tribe, which also sounds more savage, and I hate to say it but more white. Clan is the word that should be used more in that context. It is more personal and more informative to the question. It boils down to family: family first, your clan, from your larger group of kin, or the “tribe” of your people as a whole.If someone really wants to ask, they should really want a good answer. Get deep about it on them! Don’t be afraid to teach them something about your people, your CLAN!!! It does us all some good! The native people have spent too long integrating; we need to find our people’s true state, and share it with the world – which while still very into assimilation is a little more open minded these days. There isn’t a time, we MAKE the time, just like they made a time.
Wendy Hill
April 13, 2013