Who Will Stand?


Our elders are taking leave, and our children running from the land.

Losing sight of tradition, trading all for a steel land.

Who will teach our children’s children – when we ourselves will not stand.

The net and spear lay rotting.

Our tongue swallowed by English rule.

The bark grows thick, and baskets crumble – who now nimble in hand.

What will they know of the Raven, the sun and moon and stars.

What of the bear mother, the eagle and the frog.

Our crests all fading fast, but too few bat an eye.

Who will carve our great canoes.

Will we stretch the skins for drums, or even know the dance.

The feasts and long houses rot.

The great gogit wanders forgotten.

The spirits mourn the loss.

When will many stand, and remember for the next.


– Wendy J. V. Hill, March 4, 2013

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