Weather Changes (Home school nature notebook)

Date: January 28, 1999 (Saturday)

On Monday (Jan 18) it was so beautiful and spring-like that I went out and weeded my flower beds and green house — weeds unfortunately flourish here year-round! — and Lionel, catching the spirit, trimmed back his rose bushes. He piled dead leaves around the base of one rose bush, but didn’t get the others done. Overnight it snowed! Then the temperature started dropping — to -10 Celcius by Thursday, and -13 Celcius by Friday. Wild northern winds on Friday blew the snow off the rose bushes. Today is warmer, hovering around freezing — but we wonder how the rose bushes will do? And also what the sudden cold, the first sub-freezing weather this winter, will do to the many trees, bushes, daffodils and other plants which had been fooled by the mild weather into making an early start?