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Below are a list of the posts in this blog, with brief descriptions and authors listed.

Untitled-Scanned-82aAbout Me (reflective poem by blog creator, Norma J Hill — aka penandpapermama)

Chinnie Peter and Lionel and Earl Parnell aBeing a Village (journal reflections)

a Untitled-Scanned-55Stories from Lionel’s Childhood in Old Massett (memories)

Christopher ColumbusI is for Indians (article)

Masset SoundsO is for Observer (memories)

Picnic at Chown Point 2Limberlost and Tow Hill Road (photo essay)

Alliford BayFirst View of Haida Gwaii (memories)

huckleberriesBerry Picking (memories)

Untitled-Scanned-307A Haida Christmas (play/drama)

Untitled-Scanned-91Haida Gwaii Nature Notebook 

Untitled-Scanned-72Grease and Other Traditions (memories)

Untitled-Scanned-16C is for Camping (memories)

24. Masset fromT hillMasset Life 1954 to 1957 – Part 1 (by William J Wright)

35. school with free range cowMasset Life 1954 to 1957 – Part 2 (by William J Wright)

Captain Brown 2Masset Life 1954 to 1957 – Part 3 (by William J Wright)

Untitled-Scanned-102Masset Life 1954 to 1957 – Part 4 (by William J Wright)

44. Mrs. Wright's classMasset Life 1954 to 1954 – Mom’s Perspective (excerpts from letters)

Untitled-Scanned-128.1Call Me Home (poem by Wendy Hill)

ivyA True Canadian? (poem by Ivy Claire Fraser)

Untitled-Scanned-129.1Island Retreat (memories)

Untitled-Scanned-106Cultural Lessons (memories)

Untitled-Scanned-94Community (memories)

198.Haida Gwaii Travelogue Back in the Day (memories)

Untitled-Scanned-85aCulture Shock – And Falling in Love (memories)

Untitled-Scanned-38Send an Eagle to Hold My Heart (poem by Robyn Petra)

who will standWho Will Stand? (poem by Wendy J. V. Hill)

perspectiveA Matter of Perspective (reflections on speech by Chief Seattle of the Suquamish)

Tlell beachWind (poem)

wharf Masset inletWharf (poem)

haida dancersMemorial Potlatch (story/article)

Haida naaniisHonoring Haida Women (potlatch story/article)

yahgu dang angYahgu Dang Ang (story/article)

Tow HillTow Hill – A Story (legend – by Taryn Rose Hill)

islands callIsland’s Call (reflections)

shellsQueen Charlotte Islands (description/memories)

Community Hall openingTribes, Clans, Families – A Conversation (Kieran Yeltatzie and Wendy Hill)

Untitled-Scanned-63Say What? (article by Sarah I. Hill)

beach Tlell areaYon Island (poem)

Tow hill Road snow Haida Gwaii Winter (poem)

wild strawberryStrawberry (poem by Taryn Rose Hill)

naanii graceNaanii Grace (poem–in remembrance)

Haida ChristmasHaida Gwaii Christmas (humorous poem)

Haida Pride (poems by Lionel S. Hill)

reconciliationReconciliation Through Indigenous Education (RTIE): Journal Reflections 1

residential schoolRTIE 2: Journal Reflections

stolen landRTIE 3 Stolen Land: Journal Reflections

bridgeRTIE 4 Bridge: Journal Reflections

Untitled-Scanned-18RTIE 5 Early School Lessons: Journal Reflections

RTIE 6 Integrating Indigenous Education Into My Tutoring: Journal Reflections

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